XIV SALSA Biennial Conference – Solidarity Fee

XIV SALSA Biennial Conference

Contribute your SOLIDARITY FEE by pressing this button:

We invite Members to voluntarily contribute an additional solidarity fee, which will be exclusively used to facilitate the participation of Indigenous peoples, Afro-descendant populations, and riverine, family agriculture and other Amazonian traditional communities. We have more than 80 Indigenous/Traditional participants presenting papers —and 10 of them additionally acting as organizers of panels, workshops and special events. Their participation in the Conference depends on guaranteeing the funds to cover their travel and living expenses These donations are tax deductible for US citizens and organizations.

You can contribute any amount, but people contributing $100 or more will receive a local gift made by Indigenous peoples from the tri-frontier area, and all contributors will be acknowledged in the Conference Program, unless they wish to remain anonymous.

Please send a copy of your donation receipt or confirmation to Juan Alvaro Echeverri, SALSA Conference Organizer: jaecheverrir@unal.edu.co.

Send all inquiries about the Solidarity Fee to:

Juan Alvaro Echeverri, SALSA 2023 Conference Organizer (jaecheverrir@unal.edu.co)
Simone Athayde, SALSA Secretary-Treasurer: salsa.sectreas@gmail.com