Fundraiser: The Matses vs. Coronavirus in Iquitos (5-11-20)

Matses children

Fundraiser: The Matses vs. Coronavirus in Iquitos

Organized by Camilla Morelli


The Matses, an indigenous people in the Peruvian Amazon, are in great danger from Coronavirus.  Their territory is very remote and the virus has not reached it, but there are 175 Matses in Iquitos, a jungle city, who are in a desperate situation. In order to not spread the virus to their families, they cannot go home so are stranded in the city. But they do not have money to buy food and medicines. Many of them are ill with Coronavirus. Some are being evicted from their hostels because they don’t have enough money. The local health system is overwhelmed, and many Matses speak very little Spanish so have problems communicating with doctors. In short, they need our help.